I’m here to help you release your limiting beliefs, align to your purpose,


create an abundant and joy-filled life while doing so.


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I'm Christina Shaw.

nice to meet you.

I believe in an authentic and joy-filled approach to creating a life of abundance. If you found yourself here, it’s likely you do too, but you’re unsure of how to connect yourself to it.

As your alignment guide, I will help you connect with your purpose, and transition from the mundane thing you think you have to do, to the things that bring you joy, the things that brighten our world.

A common thread of all those I coach is an experience of a re-awakening: a deep shift occurring inside and a desire to honor the call to return home, to the truest self.

It will be my greatest pleasure to guide you through the experience of aligning with yourself and your kind.




do you…


+ feel called to something more, or something different, but unsure of the first steps you should take?

+ want to create change in your life but feel stuck in the same patterns and old behaviors that hold you back?

+find yourself worrying about the future or stuck in the past?

+ feel overwhelmed or stuck in the current path your life is taking?

+ struggle with knowing your value?

+ seek peace, happiness, joy and abundance but are confused on how to align with them?

+ feel responsible for others’ happiness and feelings?

+ seek inspiration, clarity and accountability with your goals and dreams?

+ feel tired from saying yes to things that don’t resonate with you and your values?

+ have something you’ve been secretly wanting to create, but afraid to try?

+ know you want something different for this life but don’t know what?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions,

you’ve come to the right place.

I created Aligned and Kind so you can release your limiting beliefs, uncover your deepest callings, take inspired and aligned actions, and start to create your life on purpose.

I’ll guide you to make small changes that align you to natural joy and abundance, all the while inspiring the world around you to do the same.



how coaching can help you.

+ Release your limiting beliefs and align with your highest, truest self

+ Disrupt operating on auto-pilot and break old habits

+ Gain clarity on your deepest desires and start living life on purpose

+ Connect to a more creative and naturally abundant life

+ Develop the courage to ask for the things you need

+ Learn to make intuitive decisions, empower your choices and take inspired action.

+ Create authentic goals that align with your values

+ Set boundaries, learn to say no, and create self-care practices that work for you

+ Clear the clutter and create space to receiving all the joy this world has to offer


Kind Words


and gratitude


The Process

where clarity and prosperity intersect.

01. Discovery call

Book a complimentary call to discuss where you are, your dreams and vision, and any blocks you feel toward achieving them. This is where you can discover if I’m a good match for the coaching you’re looking for.

02. Book a package

We'll discuss the options and see which one is a match for you and your needs. I offer hourly, mini coaching collections, and my quarterly coaching collection (all which can be used within a year from purchase).

03. Accountability

We’ll create the time and space to start digging deep to uncover your truest intentions and how to take action steps to align with them. Together, we’ll create a plan that works for you, complete exercises that help get to the heart of your why, and track your progress toward living an aligned and prosperous life.

04. Alignment

After you've completed your coaching, we'll check in a few months after your last call to see where you are and ensure you are on your road to aligning with your truest self and living a peaceful and prosperous life doing so.


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