Do you feel a transformational shift happening in your life?

3 years ago I started feeling myself going through a big shift . I knew change was coming, but I felt strong resistance to it. That, combined with getting pregnant for the first time, morning sickness, hormone shifts, and having my body dramatically change, led me to go into somewhat of a creative hibernation.

Well, at least that is what I called it at the time. Looking back, I can now recognize it as fear mixed with a bit of shame. Hiding from it felt much easier than embracing the transformation.

It was right around this time I started seeing Butterflies. And not just a few. I was seeing them everywhere and lots of them. I was seeing them in real life, in books and magazines, and in symbolic form. On one 15 minute drive from my home to downtown Buffalo, I counted 4 butterflies alone!

The butterflies quickly became my sign to embrace the change, show up , endure it, and everything would align with time. And at the rate I was seeing butterflies, I was being reminded of this daily.

I eventually came out on the other side, and when I did, I felt inspired to help others with their transformations. That is one of the many reasons I created Aligned + Kind. Because I know how scary change can be, and I know how much easier it is when you're being reminded throughout the process that YES, you are capable, YES you can show up, and YES, it's going to be okay.

Do you ever feel this way? That transformation is on the horizon but you're experiencing resistance to it? Is there something you're being called to do, a change you've wanted to make, but you have fear surrounding the actions involved? Is there a block you're experiencing that's in the way of you manifesting your deepest desires? Sign up for a free discovery call today and learn how coaching can help you embrace the change and align with your purpose, joy and abundance, all the while inspiring others to do the same.

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