How to begin anything

Why is it so hard to begin something new? Here are the reasons I hear the most from my coaching clients:

1. Fear of failure: (What if I begin and I can't accomplish my vision?)

2. Fear of being seen and being judged: (What will other people think of me?)

3. Fear of not being enough: (I’m not good enough to do x, y & z).

4. Belief in lack of resources: (I don’t have the money, time, nor support systems).

How do we get past all the blocks and fears and begin anyway?  There is one way that works for me like magic. I think of the smallest step I can take in the direction I want to go and I take it. And there I have it, I’ve begun.

If I’m not sure what step to take and I’m stuck between a few options, I usually try to take the one that is the simplest first. I find ANY action is better than no action. So rather than stay stuck with deciding and feeling unsure, I try to get quiet and ask myself: “Which of these options would be the simplest and easiest to take?” If that doesn’t provide me with the guidance I need I ask myself, “Which one of these options FEELS best to me?” There is usually one solution among many choices that feels the best and that is the one I take when I am unsure of which way to go.

About 6 months ago I decided I wanted to start running but I felt my body was so out of shape to start and I really didn't have much time because I was still nursing my daughter pretty frequently, (That's the "I'm not enough fear" combined with "lack of resource belief").

So, I started as small as I could. The first week, I put on work out clothes and my sneakers and just walked around my house, (literally, the smallest action I could think to take). Then I built up the courage to try and run for 5 minutes, so I went outside and did! Soon it was 8 minutes, then 12, then 15. I remember finally being able to run 20 minutes about 4 weeks ago and feeling so incredible that I went from just not feeling enough to now knowing I can run 20 minutes. Last week, I went for a run with a friend and she pushed me to 37 minutes!

From the smallest step to now dreaming about running for 45 minutes straight, the secret to beginning anything is to allow yourself permission to take one small step at a time. 



Christina Shaw