The Importance of a Morning Ritual

Morning rituals are a vital part to to living an aligned and intentional life. The morning is the foundation to your day and when you implement a strong foundation it leaves the rest of the day to flow more organically in the direction you'd like it to go. Morning rituals help give you the time to adjust your mindset, to set your intentions, and to orientate your actions to stay aligned with your purpose. 

When I tell my coaching clients that making time for a morning ritual is so important, I often hear “ I don’t have time for a morning ritual." But, I ask them to reconsider and wake up 20 minutes earlier than normal to create one, even if it's simple and small.

My morning ritual is SO simple right now, but so very important to being aligned with my purpose and for inviting prosperity into my life.  I start by opening the blinds and being grateful for the light. I then make a cup of coffee or tea, (or if I'm lucky, my husband is already up and brings me one!), I then journal for about 15-20 minutes on a topic that is on my mind that needs some clearing, and finally, (and most importantly), I do a quick mediation to set my intentions for the day.

After I set my intention, I look at my calendar for the day and review all of the events I have scheduled and a do a quick scan of the upcoming weeks events.  If my daughter is not up at this point, I do a quick workout. Either a 15-20 minute run, a 10-20 minute yoga series from my favorite yoga AP Down Dog, or a 7 minute workout.


I challenge you to start small and set one intention this week to wake up 20-30 minutes earlier than normal and use that time for one small ritual you’d like to incorporate into your morning.  Perhaps it’s just watching the sun rise out a window, perhaps it’s saying a few positive mantras or words of gratitude, perhaps it’s enjoying a cup of coffee in solitude before the kids get up, perhaps it’s sitting in silence and just feeling the freedom of having 20 minutes to yourself with no expectations and not having to rush around, or perhaps it’s doing a quick workout and moving your body. Whatever it is, try starting small and just incorporating one thing for this week. 

Whatever your one ritual is,  I know you can do it! Once you start incorporating this sacred time into your day and feeling the benefits of it, you might notice yourself longing for it and making accommodations to fit it in, (like going to bed earlier, not hitting the snooze button, etc). Do you want to learn more about the art of rituals and how to create your life with intention? Sign up for a complimentary 30 minute discovery call today and learn more how coaching can benefit you and help you align with your truest self.

Christina Shaw