A Quick No-Fail Manifestation Ritual

Manifestation is a buzz word these days, but what does it mean and where do you start? I always felt overwhelmed by the thought of manifesting as if it was some sort of magical concept, (yes, it can feel magical!), but really, there is action involved from yourself that signals the universe you're ready to receive. This no-fail manifestation ritual will teach you HOW to create those things you want in your life by creating the feelings to become the person who is able to receive their desires. A lot of people think manifesting is just "thinking about something constantly in hopes it arrives." Manifestation takes inspired actions on your part and aligning your current self to the self that can receive the manifestation. It's about vibrating on the same level AS that which you are hoping to receive. 

1, Create the space and time to turn this practice into a true ritual is essential to it working. Rituals help guide us to repeat the necessary steps all together because it creates the time and space and also brings an intentional energy into the practice.  Some fun ideas to help create this practice into a ritual: 

  • choose the same time of day each week, but choosing sunrise/sunset could help bring a natural beautiful element into it

  • Diffuse essential oil or light the same candle. Smells help trigger memories.

  • Play music you enjoy that helps uplift you.

  • Create an event with yourself and bring a favorite beverage, coffee, tea, etc to enjoy while completing the activity

  • Purchase a special journal and pen to use solely for the manifestation ritual that you only bring out weekly to use.

2. List out ALL of your desires with no holding back. You have endless, unlimited abundance of money, love, peace, etc. List out everything you want. The more time you spend on this step the better (I sometimes spend a full hour dreaming away. If it helps, create a vision board with your desires so you can look back at it!

3. Imagine yourself as the person who is able to receive all of these desires. Who must you become to receive all of those desires you just listed? Who is the version of yourself that has all of these desires? Describe that person in detail. How does that person act and feel when they have everything they need/want/desire? List out adjectives that describe that person but also actions that you could see this person taking. For instance, you might write, "healthy" as an adjective to describe this version of yourself and "makes healthy food choices," "Drinks 8 glasses of water," "Works out daily", as actions that describe what this version of you would do. 

Ask yourself: If you already HAD the thing you desired:

  • How would you feel?

  • How would you speak to yourself and others?

  • Who would you surround yourself with?

  • What would you say no to? What would you say yes to?

  • What kind of clothes would you wear?

  • What kind of books would you read?

  • What would your space look and feel like?

4. List a few inspired action steps that you can commit to right now, that help ALIGN your current self to the version of yourself from step two. This is an easy step if you took time to really dive into step two. As you start to list words of that person you need to become to manifest all your desires, actions steps naturally start to be created toward the end.

5.  Journal about the process and repeat steps 1-3 weekly to keep yourself on task and find new inspired actions you can incorporate. As you start taking actions that align you to that person who can manifest all of your desires, no matter how small the actions, the universe will respond in magical ways toward you.  The journal will help you track your process, uncover blocks and try again with actions that might need a little more time to become habitual and a part your aligned self.

The keys to receiving your desires are within steps three and four. FEELING as if you already have the desires while taking INSPIRED ACTIONS that align you to the desires.  Inspired actions are smoke signals to the universe that you are willing to receive. Aligning your actions to the version of yourself that can receive all of your desires, hopes and dreams is essential to the process.

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Christina Shaw